Meet Our Team


OLiver Israel


Born and raised in the Northern part of Tanzania. Oliver developed the interest in tourism from the childhood level. His interest, among others; is proven by his decision to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in 2006 and reach at the roof of Africa (Uhuru peak), he has more than ten years’ experience in the travel business.

As a philanthropist, his skills in international business, diplomacy and interest in travel, has propelled him to co-found Muzuri Tours back in 2019 to help fellow travelers to visit this amazing country to see and experience African culture, people, food, the wildlife and natural endowments.


Choba Mumba

Marketing Director (Asia)

As the determined businessman, Choba has more than 25 years of experience across the industries. He runs more than five big companies that are trading between Tanzania and Asian countries. He understands the challenges, opportunities, and diversity of the Asian market with a distinctive customer base.

Born and raised in Kigoma region, home for the famous Gombe and Mahale National Park, with hundreds of Chimpanzees famously known as “the magical Chimps trekking paradise” and different animal species. For many years he has developed a passion for travelling and as part of his long-term plan to impact his local community through travel and tourism he decides to engage and invest in the industry.


Kevin Panda Peza

Marketing Director (U.S and Europe)

He is a native Belgian and a businessman with many years of knowledge and experience about Tanzania. He co-founded and running the Europe-African mining company in Belgium. He speaks French, Dutch, English and Swahili. Having the ancestors’ roots from Zanzibar and Bagamoyo, he loves to travel to Africa and some other parts of the world for business and leisure.

He brings his experience and expertise of business and travels in Europe and the U.S to Muzuri Tours.


Gerald Mpagama

Director of Operations (Africa)

Gerald is an automotive expert and a businessman with more than 25 years in logistics and fleet management. As a businessman, he traded across the southern part of Africa and Asia. At Muzuri, we make sure your travel is enjoyed a not endured, with his experience in the field, he can simply handle all of our ground operations to ensure our clients get a comfortable and safe ride in our 4x4 Toyota Landcruiser during the adventure with us. He also manages the rescue/evacuation mission in case of any breakdown/emergency during the adventure.