Conservation Practices- Trip for a Tree


Conservation Practices- Trip for a Tree

Muzuri projekt works with local communities living in remote areas to develop community-based forest monitoring, reforestation and restoration of degraded lands and riverbeds.

We have programs such as planting trees for reforestation in the regions and forests which are most affected by drought and human activities, established tree nurseries for timber, fruit and shade trees.

With volunteers from all over the world, we have programs to clean our coastal and beach areas which has a lot of plastic bottles and bags which affects the environment and habitat for oceanic species. We have partnered with to make sure we work on this seriously. Marine plastic pollution has affected over 267 species worldwide as a result of ingestion, starvation, suffocation, infection and entanglement. The evidence of plastic’s impact of marine life is ever mounting; it is expected that there will soon be more plastic in our ocean than fish

However, from every booking we get from you we buy a tree from our local tree nurseries in that way we help those with nurseries to earn an extra income and from every booking we get we collect 12kg of plastics from the ocean with our plastic partners ‘empower” from Norway.